• 07.08.2020  Industrial excess heat for district heating: Database shows great potential for supplying households

    Excess heat from energy-intensive industries is often suitable for use in district heating systems but is usually unutilized. A detailed overview of the potentials available in the EU is now provided by a database of the sEEnergies project. In Germany, 29 petajoules of excess heat from industrial sites could be used, which corresponds to the demand of more than half a million households. The information is available as maps and downloadable datasets.


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Discussion with experts from industry, research and politics of energy demand analysis with high spatial and temporal resolution


German energy system experts discussed the challenges and methodological solutions associated with high resolution energy system analysis at the workshop "Research Network Energy System Analysis" on 19 and 20 April 2018 in Berlin.

The energy system's future design is decisively influenced by new interconnections among technologies, actors and markets. To face these challenges, since 2015, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) has been supporting the "Research Network Energy System Analysis" that plans for the long term. An expert workshop was recently held on 19 and 20 April in Berlin attended by 200 participants from research, industry and politics. Fraunhofer ISI gave a short presentation at this workshop on the topic of "Spatial and temporal resolution of energy demand". The necessity for energy system analysis with greater spatial and temporal resolution is caused by the spatial distribution of renewable power generation (wind, solar) and its volatile nature. New challenges concerning the analysis of the energy system as a whole were discussed during the course of this workshop and possible solutions shown.

Electricity demand per capita by federal state in 2013
Electricity demand per capita by federal state in 2013

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