• 07.08.2020  Industrial excess heat for district heating: Database shows great potential for supplying households

    Excess heat from energy-intensive industries is often suitable for use in district heating systems but is usually unutilized. A detailed overview of the potentials available in the EU is now provided by a database of the sEEnergies project. In Germany, 29 petajoules of excess heat from industrial sites could be used, which corresponds to the demand of more than half a million households. The information is available as maps and downloadable datasets.


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Webinar presented scenarios for deep decarbonisation of the EU industry based on the model FORECAST - recording available


In this webinar jointly organised by Fraunhofer ISI (Germany) and Association negaWatt (France) in the frame of the Climate Recon project, we explored the role of breakthrough innovations and systemic change for the decarbonisation of the EU's industry sector.

Webinar decarbonisation

Among others, Tobias Fleiter (Fraunhofer ISI) presented results of EU-wide scenario analyses aiming at deep decarbonisation of the EU industry sector by 2050. The particular role of new technologies in decarbonising the industrial sub-sectors is highlighted, while a broad view on various mitigation options including energy efficiency, fuel switch, innovative low-carbon process technologies, carbon capture and stor-age, circular economy and material efficiency is taken. Results show that at least 80% decarbonisation compared to 1990 is possible for the industry sector with and without carbon capture and storage.

The recording of the webinar and the presented slides are available at the Climate Recon project website.

Seeproject website to view video and download slide

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